Madden Ultimate Team to Use Collectible Virtual Cards

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Take the challenge to create the definitive NFL team, by collecting virtual cards that include legendary and limited edition versions.

Legendary Cards:
When purchasing gold or platinum card packs, there is a chance you’ll receive a Legendary Card, which can include legendary players, coaches, uniforms, stadiums and playbooks. Legendary player cards represent pros in their prime, such as the Vikings’ Randy Moss or the Packers’ Brett Favre. There are Legendary uniforms, coaches, players, stadiums and playbooks. These cards are very rare and contain a much higher value and discard value than common cards. Legendary cards also contain a special boost unique to the player, coach, stadium or uniform represented. For example…Legendary Randy Moss increases his QB’s short, medium and deep throw accuracy by 10 points in-game. You can find the boost value for the rest of the team by looking on the back of the card.

Limited Edition Player Cards:
Limited Edition cards are special variants that will be created after the game ships; primarily featuring standout playoff performers, season award winners, playoff uniforms/stadiums, Pro Bowlers and players who had breakout seasons. These cards are indeed limited, so only a certain number of them will be available for purchase in the “Weekly Deals” feature. Once the card is sold out, it’ll never be available for purchase again…making it extremely rare.

Perfect for card collectors and fantasy football gurus, Madden Ultimate Team provides a unique football experience, giving you total control over building a single team in the quest to be crowned the ultimate Madden team. The Madden Ultimate Team game mode will be available free for Madden NFL 10 in January, via Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network.

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