5,000 Gravity Sling Deluxe Copies for 99 Cent

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Remember that pretty cool title called Gravity Sling which I reviewed a couple weeks ago? The one with the cool business model where the game is free and add-on levels have to be paid for? Well they’ve taken a more conventional route with their latest version of the game and they’re giving it away for practically nothing.

Gravity Sling Deluxe is available to the first 5,000 players for just $.99, the next 5,000 players will be able to purchase for $1.99 and all other players will need to pay the normal non-sale amount of $2.99
(or the equivalent local currency amounts).

Gravity Sling was one of the first games to be released free with In App Purchase content and since the initial launch in November, it has been downloaded over 100,000 times and players have logged almost 9 years of time playing!

While Riptidestill believes the Free + In App Purchase model is generally a better choice for players, they realized there are some limitations. Most notably Gravity Sling was only available for OS 3.0+ which meant iPod Touch users who have not paid to update to the latest OS have been unable to enjoy the game. Further, they have found that a number of people are unwilling or unable to purchase In App content. Gravity Sling Deluxe addresses both of these issues by allowing a more traditional "full" version that is compatible with OS 2.2.1 and comes with all content fully unlocked and nothing more to purchase ever.

Gravity Sling Deluxe features everything that was included in the v1.1 update released one week ago, including moving planets, star pickups, numerous bug fixes and tweaks, and the addition of 64 new levels.

Oh, and we’re going to give away a couple copies of the game on Twitter today...

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