MapleStory Europe Gets Pirates!

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NEXON Europe today announces the launch of a brand new expansion pack for their free-to-play MMORPG MapleStory. This update includes the eagerly awaited Pirates job class and Leafre map addition, plus a whole number of events that will keep players entertained throughout the holiday season.

The Pirate job class has arrived in MapleStory! This highly anticipated update will allow European Maplers the chance to experience new gameplay features, which can be used throughout the entire Maple World. It also opens a variety of new maps, many of which are aboard the Pirate ship, Nautilus, the ultimate Pirate haven. Once a pirate, players can develop their characters and choose one of two paths through tiers of job progression. Pirates can advance to become Brawlers, the masters of hand-to-hand combat, or Gunslingers, dynamic quick-draws that drown foes in a hail of iron lead, for a 2nd Job, Marauders and Outlaws as a 3rd Job.

As well as the Pirates addition, a brand new map will also be revealed for players today. Leafre is an egg themed area found in the West of Ossyria, and is one of the most powerful places in MapleStory. With some of the strongest monsters and most challenging of quests its debut also sees the arrival of the fourth job advancement in Europe soon. High level players and those on their way can enjoy this town that is definitely worth a visit.

To celebrate this holiday season and as a gift to all European Maplers, a number of in-game events are also being announced. Players can expect a number of special promotions, special quests and exciting events with luring rewards to enjoy in and around the game throughout the festive days.

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