Cross Fire Patched with Holiday Cheer

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G4BOX Inc. announced today that it has launched a merry new Christmas patch for its free military FPS, Cross Fire.  The update includes a number of Christmas weapons and items, two new maps and a new playable character.  Players can download Cross Fire for free at:

Just in time for the holidays, G4BOX Inc. has released an exciting new free Christmas update for Cross Fire!  The patch, which is available now, features a number of Christmas weapons and items including a Santa hat and beard and four limited time Christmas-themed weapons: an AWM-Adv, a Glock-18, an M4A1 and a Christmas combat-axe.  The patch will also feature two new maps - the snipers-only "Prison", and a limited time only Christmas map. All this, in addition to an all-new
class of playable mercenary, the prestigious GSG-9!

Along with the update, G4BOX Inc. is hosting a week-long Christmas in-game event called "Crimson Snow", starting December 18th and ending Christmas Eve, December 24th. Players who play Cross Fire for 2 hours will receive 2000 GP, per day played. Playing for two hours will not only net players the additional GP, but they will also be entered automatically into a daily draw for a free in-game Santa hat. On the last day of the event, Christmas Eve, Z8Games will be drawing three grand prizes, consisting of a permanent Christmas AWM, 100,000 GP (Game Points), and 10 Christmas ZP crates. Throughout the event, Cross Fire GMs can also be spotted playing random matches. If players manage to beat the GM team, they will receive an additional 5000 GP for that match!

Cross Fire is free-to-download-and-play. Visit the Cross Fire homepage at:   


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