THQ Offers up XXXXX XP for Red Faction

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Interested in any of  being these?

·         Achievement/Trophy Hunter

·         Leaderboard Aficionado

·         Demolitions Expert

·         Unexplained affinity for Sledgehammers or Ostriches

 Then you need to fire up your Red Faction: Guerrilla because THQ and Volition are offering up  five full days worth of quintuple XP.  You read that correctly, 5x XP for 5 entire days across every mode from Anarchy to Siege.

For the Achievement/Trophy Hunter in all of you, it is now easier than ever to earn 50 points or get that Gold trophy for 100,000 XP.  If you’re feeling adventurous, you can push on a little farther and obtain 120,000 XP in order to obtain the legendary Ostrich Hammer.  If you’ve never played Red Faction Guerrilla’s multiplayer yet, this is your chance.  A new account under quintuple XP settings will earn approximately 10 unlocks after just a single game!

But that’s not all!  Starting this week - and throughout the event - on our official Twitter account (@RedFaction), we’re giving away some free DLC codes for each console.  Follow along to receive updates for when the individual codes will be posted to our account and have a chance to grab them before anyone else.  Each of our 3 packages will be given away to a handful of lucky fans.

The event is on from Thursday, December 17th (today) until end of the day on Monday, December 21st.

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