Shoot Living Trash in 530 Eco Shooter Next Year

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Talk about a bizarre turn of events! You have to take on the role of Mack and kill living trash in 530 Eco Shooter, developed by INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS and overseen by Kensuke Tanabe of Metroid Prime fame – which is coming to WiiWare early next year. 

An on-rails shoot-em-up, where you take on the role of Mack, a famed recyclist from the fictional Planet 530. Riding a hover-platform through a series of progressively more challenging levels, based in a recycling plant, you and your recycle cannon are the only things in the way of the Cannoids, an alien race determined to destroy the earth.

Creatures, formed from cans and drums & snatched by Cannoids leave behind Can Energy when shot, which serves as ammunition. Your recycle cannon can also operate in reverse – as a vacuum – for picking up Can Energy and restoring ammunition. Be sure to balance shooting with vacuuming to ensure you do not run out of energy in your recycle cannon. Shoot-em-up fans will love the challenging boss battles at the end of each level, which demand fast reactions and strategic thinking in order to prevail.

The innovative game features a unique combo system, which rewards players for shooting enemies in the air. You can also receive a bonus by linking up hits. Look out for the additional ‘Challenge’ mode that can be unlocked.

And for the most realistic experience, play the game with the Wii Zapper for that arcade shoot-em-up feeling! Alternatively, the Wii Remote and Nunchuck only requires two button control providing a thrilling gaming experience.

530 Eco Shooter will be available to download exclusively on WiiWare in early 2010.

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