Play Minis on your PS3? Halfbrick Shows you How

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Europe has Firmware 3.15 which means this works now, North America has to wait until the 22nd.

The guys over at Halfbrick put together a video tutorial on playing Minis on your PS3 (no longer PSP exclusive) thanks to the 3.15 Firmware update that was released last week and the functionality that was made available this week.

Check it out:

Halfbrick, as mentioned in the video, are the makers of two Minis and we have reviews of both of them for you.

GDN Echoes Review

GDN Blast Off Review

Now that Minis can be played on the PS3 I can see a flood of developers hopping over. It’s essentially their equivalent of XBLA Indie Games or WiiWare/DSiWare from Nintendo.

The steps for those who can’t watch the video:

  1. Fire up your PS3 and head to System Settings and click System Update (just to make sure you’ve got 3.15 installed.
  2. Once that’s complete head to the Playstation Network Store
  3. If you have already purchased Minis download them to the PS3 (mine were on the PSP so I had to download them to the PS3)
  4. Leave the store and go to the Game icon on your XMB
  5. An icon for the game should show up and you can play the game with X
  6. To copy to the PSP push the Triangle button and choose copy

NOTE: You might need to go into the store and download the game and install it as a PS3 Mini (if you just have the PSP version downloaded)

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