Alien Zombie Death Mini for Next Month

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Somewhere far far away in a random solar system, a lone space man dies… horribly. Take control of said fateful space man as he battles to his end against the dreaded Alien Zombies! Using a standard laser gun and a few pickups along the way, make sure you take out as many of those Alien Zombie suckers before they take you down. Its that simple. It’s Alien Zombie Death.


  • Available in Jan 09 as a downloadable PSP mini. Price is likely to be around £2.50 / $5.00
  • Game play is very retro. Platform shooter type gameplay.
  • 14 levels.
  •  A menagerie of Alien Zombie fiends. Fat ones. Green ones. Flying ones. Burpy types.

With minis now being playable on both the PS3 and PSP that gives all of the compatible minis added value. Low price, two platforms and good gameplay? Sounds like a win for gamers!

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