NIS Announces Last Rebellion RPG for PS3 in February

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NIS America stated that they will release Last Rebellion for the Playstation 3 in February of 2010. The game has not yet been rated by any game ratings board

You play as both Nine and Aisha. You can switch between these two characters anytime you need to. They have different attributes and skills: Nine is a Blade, who does physical damages to Belzeds (undead creatures), and Aisha is a Sealer, who can seal Belzeds to prevent these undead creatures from reviving. Each character has different strengths and weaknesses, so switch them back and forth to successfully destroy the Belzeds!

Check out the Last Rebellion Wesbite to see more detailed information.


Junovald is a world governed by the power and will of two gods: Meiktilia presides over the death of all life and the destruction of all things. Formival presides over the birth of all life and the creation of all things.

Meiktilia has been said to bless two types of people with special gifts. Blades have the unparalleled and supernatural skill to destroy the physical structure of things. Sealers use magical abilities to destroy the metaphysical, the spiritual structure of things.

Formival’s power is further reaching and less exclusive. His remarkable power allows all things, once dead, to revive. When creatures face death, their original souls or spiritual structure, escape their vessels of flesh, which are in turn conrtolled by a fragment of Formival’s soul. These monsters, imbued with the spark of life by a god, grow stronger once revived and become a threat to others.

These undead creatures are collectively known as Belzeds. Due to their nature, they cannot be defeated using normal means. The true destruction of their physical and metaphysical structures requires the power of both a Blade and a Sealer. Only then will they finally cease to exist.

Due to a civil war a few years ago, Nine’s homeland of Lorvin has become the nesting ground for a large number of Belzeds. A group of powerful Sorcerers, Necromancers and Wizards crafted barriers around the kingdom to prevent an all out massacre, but the problem itself has not simply faded away.

Realizing the time had come for more decisive actions to be taken, King Arzelide summons Nine, widely recognized as the most talented of all Blades, and Aisha, a Sealer whose incredible powers have isolated her from the outside world.


The game will require you to switch characters in real time as each possesses unique, customizable skill sets.

Nine - The best of the blades whose outstanding record of Belzed hunting brings him infamy. Free-spirited and dislikes being bound to a single place. Outspoken and honest though sarcastic and mocking.

Aisha - The amount of power she has can take its toll on her body. Losing control of her powers has cost the lives of many and so fearing a repeat she has been locked away by the authorities. Strong, proud and resilient she fights for what she believes is right.

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