Combat Arms Adds Zombies, Mercenaries and Holiday Gifts

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Nexon America continues to add new and exciting content to its free-to-play multiplayer online first-person shooting thriller, Combat Arms, with the addition of the Cabin Fever map to its cooperative Fireteam game mode. Players will also get a chance to play as a new female Mercenary character, Max, and load up on fun, festive in-game items. All of this new content will be launched on Dec. 23 in time for last-minute Christmas shopping.

This new map launches the second level of Fireteam mode, which introduced co-op play to over three million registered soldiers earlier this year. After rescuing a hostage and defeating a violent terrorist organization in Desert Thunder, players will need to hold off a batch of infected soldiers in Cabin Fever.

Maxine joins Combat Arms and while her friends call her Max, her enemies only know her as a blur in the distance just before they lose the ability to speak, forever. Fast, smart and boasting a cheery personality totally at odds with her expertise in guerilla warfare, “mad” Max is a very dangerous opponent.

Players looking to spread holiday cheer might want to invest in a Christmas backpack or horn. If Santa Claus is your guy, check out the available Santa Beard and Beanie or show your support with a Red Nose like his favorite reindeer of all.

New guns, equipment and clan emblems are also available in the update.

Cabin Fever requires players to fend off three levels of zombies while hiding out in an abandoned building located adjacent to the secret laboratory which created the awful infection.

Cabin Fever matches up soldiers against the infected and introduces four infected with different strands of the virus - , the Armored, Assassin, Dynamite and Tanker. Players will need to avoid and destroy these nasty and dangerous monsters to overcome Cabin Fever.

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