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beyerdynamic USA has added the MMX 300 high end gaming and multimedia headset to their Manufaktur “Create Your Own” offering. The MMX 300 can now be personally designed by the end user via the design software accessible on their web site.

The customer can configure their headphone for multi colors, designs, accessories and personalized engraving to create a unique headset. This is located at

As stated by Alan Feckanin, Business Unit Manager for Consumer Products; “Our online headphone configuator was been very successful in the US since its introduction in 2008. All customized Manufaktur models are now being assembled by order in our Farmingdale NY facility and shipped directly to the customer. The real time software on our web site is very user friendly and simple for all customers to create their personalized headphone or headset. With the addition of the MMX 300, beyerdynamic now provides the customer a full range of product for personalization”.

The MMX 300 is a special product. Although there have been other analog and USB headsets with good sound for quite some time, the ultimate sound has only been possible with Hi-Fi headphones until now. beyerdynamic is saying farewell to this out of date solution. The multimedia headset MMX 300 is both a high quality multimedia headset as well as a solution for the serious gamer in all LAN activities.

The MMX 300 is technologically based on an Aviation pilot headset that was developed for General Aviation. End users also profit from the robust construction and the precision of the audio transmission. Both pilots, audio and gaming end users will appreciate the performance of the MMX 300 as is expected from over 80 years of audio excellent that beyerdynamic is known for.

As positive result of this professional heritage, the closed headphone design absorbs external sounds by approximately 18 decibels (dBA) which makes the reproduction of sound possible even in loud environments. The spring steel headband with soft, interchangeable head and ear cushions provides a secure fit as well as an excellent comfort and wearing experience. The super comfortable MMX 300 allows tireless hours of use, better than any other digital headset on the market.

Included is the USB converter to connect the headphones directly to the computer. The MMX 300 is recognized by Windows PCs or Macs without any software installation.

With a volume control on the mini inline converter box and a mute button for the built-in microphone, the most important operating elements are within hand’s reach. The USB adapter fully replaces the sound card in the PC and does not only provide maximum sound quality; it also makes the operation very simple. In addition, all of the headset parameters, such as the microphone sensitivity, can also be set using the driver software.

Just remove the USB adapter and the MMX 300 fits every standard audio device with its 1/8 mini-jack plug – a portable music player, for example, or the stereo system in the living room and the ¼ adapter. Here as well, the headset gives it’s listener the feeling of being there “live” at all times.

Of course, the MMX 300 would not be a beyerdynamic product if its microphone also did not meet the highest demands. The condenser microphone with kidney polar pattern distinguishes itself through extraordinarily good sound reproduction. It reliably eliminates noise interference and only allows the desired information to pass to the conversation partner.

In doing so, the sound quality is so good that the microphone capsule, technically speaking, is even suitable for recording music. Whoever places value on the best voice transmission, would like to telephone over the internet with Hi-Fi quality or record podcasts with the MMX 300.

The MMX 300 include a 5-year warranty and a high quality-carrying case.

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