Do You Foo Enough to be Hero Material

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Kung Foo, the Devin Grayson written MMORPG from Perfect World, asks if you have the Foo.

To get into the Closed Beta one must seriously Foo. No, not Poo, and no not Who (like the Whos in Whoville), but Foo. What is it to truly Foo?

Well here’s the deal, follow the Kung Foo Official Twitter Account ( and #FOO on! You could perhaps #FOO on you! Or throw #FOO on your friends. You might Break on #FOO to the other side...

It’s up to (dare I say ) you to #FOO as you will!

I Love #FOO simply won’t cut it and you’ll need to go the extra #FOO mile to out FOO your competition.

If you tell them you #FOO’ed here first, we might be able to arrange some special Foo-based gifts for you.

Now, get out there and #FOO!

Oh right, what in #FOOnation are we talking about? Why Closed Beta Access of course! At least that’s what we can gather from the somewhat cryptic email we received regarding this.

#FOOtastic Four, Assemble! Oh that was the Avengers, wasn’t it?

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