IGUGU GameCore Brings PC Gaming to Big Screen TVs

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VNA Group, a global conglomerate will show off its IGUGU Gamecore at CES. The unit transforms the PC into the world’s most powerful videogame console and enables gamers to play thousands of PC, Mac and Internet-based games wirelessly and in high-definition on a big screen television. The primary component of the IGUGU Gamecore system is an innovative compact wireless controller which incorporates a keyboard, joystick, trackball, and six accelerometers which enables gamers to easily access games from the hard drive and Internet, and play them intuitively using natural motions to do activities such as steer a race car or fly an aircraft.

Why we couldn’t just use an HDMI or DVI out is apparently beyond their scope of understanding. Maybe they believe that gamers with big screen TVs simply don’t want their PC and TV in the same room? Really, it sounds like a patent infringement case in the making as I’m sure someone will claim the hardware is infringing their IP.

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