Indie Devs Team Up for Discount Gaming Pack

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Wolfire and Unknown Worlds are now bundling Overgrowth and Natural Selection 2 for pre-order for over 40% off at a price of $39.95 (for one week only)! Many game developers have relied on preorders to help finance their game, but to our knowledge, an pre-order bundle like this is a completely new idea. In fact I can’t ever remember when two devs got together in this fashion.

Where can you get more info on the pack? How about here: 

Or if you’re lazy, just stay here and watch the video at GDN:

Note: If you have already pre-ordered NS2, you can still get a free copy of Overgrowth here. and vice versa on Overgrowth, get a free copy of NS2 Special Edition here.

Wolfire and Uknown Worlds are single-handedly, or hand-in-handedly holding this deal. No digital distribution site, no outside publisher. Just these two companies trying to offer you some great deals and fund some cool projects. They both practice "open development" which means that pre-ordering gets you immediate access to early builds of the games and tech. They are also working with proprietary engines and have level editors, etc all ready. So if you want to really get into the game and start creating our own pieces, you could do just that!

Yes, Wolfire is a ’friend of GDN’ in that we host a developer diary here, but that doesn’t make this deal any less cool or us any more biased about it (or is that less biased?). If you truly want to know all the hard work and effort that has been going into Overgrowth then you need to join the thousand-strong Wolfire Dev Diary Army and keep up to date on all that’s cool and new:

Wolfire Dev Diary at GDN

Now if only we could get Unkown Worlds on board with a dev diary...

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