GDN Giving Away 3000 Kung Foo Closed Beta Keys

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Yes! The Kung Foo closed beta has arrived and Gamers Daily News has scored 3,000 beta keys for our readers. Perfect World Entertainment and GDN want you to get in FOO to your heart’s content to help them better the game.

What do you have to do to get the key to Kung Foo? Simple, break 20 bricks with your forehead. What? That’s too difficult? Too Easy? OK, here’s something else then.

What: The New tongue-in-cheek MMO from Perfect World Entertainment, Kung Foo

Why: The Closed Beta has begun and you want in, don’t you?

How: Fill out the form below to get your key. Follow the instructions to activate it.

HUH? Yes, it’s really that simple, neat hey?

Only one key per peron...don’t be greedy. Though we do have 3,000 of them come to think of it.

The Form:

Here are instructions on how to activate the closed beta keys.

  1. You’ll need a Perfect World account. Don’t have one? Luckily you can quickly sign up for one here or at
  2. Take your closed beta key and enter it on this page or at If you’re logged in, then it will automatically give your account access to the world of Kung Foo!
  3. Download the Kung Foo! client at Once the client has installed, you should be good to go.

Any problems with this form or if you have already signed up for the GDN Newsletter email the GDN Contest Master contests [at] and they will get you set up with a key.

 For more information about Kung Foo -

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