iPhone Game Rebate Program Launched

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Ph03nix New Media has launched the iPhone Game Rebate program, the first system that provides cash rewards to purchasers of iPhone games. The innovative new rebate program lets iPhone game publishers and developers reward their customers with cash incentives, while users can enjoy discounts of 50% or more on newly released games.

Rebate promotions through the iPhone Game Rebate program will feature individual games or groups of games from specific companies, and may vary in terms of reward. The program is flexible and can offer rewards for any iPhone game or app. Publishers or developers interested in participating in the rebate program can inquire at the following e-mail address: support@iphonegamerebate.com

To kick off the rebate program, Ph03nix New Media is offering a $1 rebate for the purchase of any iPhone game from now until Jan. 31. Registration for the rebate program is simple; to get started users only need to enter their information at the following website address http://www.iphonegamerebates.com.

Once registered, users can redeem their rebate for this or any future promotion by sending their iTunes receipt to support@iphonegamerebate.com Once the proof-of-purchase is received, a cash rebate will be sent to the registered user’s mailing address.

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