IllFonic to Bring the Underground to Games

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Independent developer and publisher IllFonic today opens its publishing arm to help small talented teams showcase and sell their games. IllFonic is independently funded and will focus on developing and publishing original intellectual properties on digital platforms.

With a mission to focus on multiple digital AAA games with high re-playability and entertainment for consoles and PC, llFonic has set out to establish ground-breaking and genre-defying games that bring underground culture to gaming.

"IllFonic is made up of a crew of people who want to make the gamers feel the product was made just for them and not modeled off statics," said Co-Founder / Executive Producer Raphael Saadiq.

"Lately this industry has seen a loss of amazing games and talent due to publisher retrenchment and fear of risk. IllFonic wants to remind gamers that art and entertainment are what make games great, not milking franchises to death. We stand as the alternative," commented Co-Founder / President / Programmer Charles Brungardt.

IllFonic currently has two games in development. Ghetto Golf, announced at GDC in 2009, is a multiplatform release. Ghetto Golf is a rapid mixture of third person combat, sports gameplay and comedy, dedicated to those players that have always wanted to wield an Uzi with their 9 iron.  In addition to a deep single player campaign, Ghetto Golf offers a robust multiplayer mode including Golf Gangs and Team Deathmatch. In keeping with IllFonic’s philosophy of bringing the AAA experience to downloadable titles, Ghetto Golf will include an original soundtrack from top artists and producers plus feature voice talent from some of the best names in urban comedy.

 Whoa hold the tee time! The gamers want another Golf battler? Didn’t we have Lee Trevino’s Fighting Golf and Hot Shots. Oh and who can forget Outlaw Golf?!  Sure they’re not ’milking a franchise to death’ but it’s not really a new idea. Unless it’s going to be like mini-golf where you play through people’s houses, etc. That could be interesting.

Taking the underground to the masses, IllFonic is also publishing and co-developing an unannounced console title based on a hardcore classic with millions of followers. The game will be showcased at this year’s Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco.

 I wonder if their other game will be about tagging in a subway and scoring points. That would certainly be underground. Well, we’ll see shortly.

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