Warrior Epic Gets More Epic

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True Games, an international publisher of multi-player online games, announced today that it has launched a major release for the popular action-adventure MMO, Warrior Epic (www.warriorepic.com).  The new updates include a massive amount of new content including a powerful, new team boss, fast-paced, objective PvP, a full tutorial, a new targeting system, and all-new items for purchase.  To kick off the launch, Warrior Epic is now hosting two great events with fantastic prizes.

The new update makes significant improvements to the player experience by introducing a full tutorial that allows a new player to choose from one of the 12 different character classes to begin the game.  The Targeting System has been improved to scroll and tab through enemies
rather than pointing and clicking.  In addition, a brand-new boss fight in Aberas called "Megafauna" - who is a major challenge to beat even in teams - will drop very powerful, new items. 

With this new release, the combat system controls have become more streamlined and are now far more natural, making it easier for players to use their skills. Lastly, objective-based PvP has now been included that increases the challenge and excitement of head to head

Also included in the release are a multitude of new items available for purchase with in-game currency such as:

  • * Minor Renew Potion-Heals 10 HP over 10 seconds
  • * Swiftness Potion-Increase movement speed by 20% for 10 seconds
  • * Rage Potion-Increase attack speed by 20% for 10 seconds
  • * Fireball Scroll-Hurls a fireball on a single target, causing 20
  • Energy damage
  • * Waterball Scroll-Hurls a water ball on a single target, causing an
  • explosion of waves around the target and 10 damage to all targets
  • within 10 meters
  • * Prestige can now buy potions rather than just "gold." 

"As part of True Games commitment to listen to our community and fine-tune Warrior Epic,  this new release delivers on that promise to improve the overall experience," said Peter Cesario, Director of New Business and Product Development at True Games.  "I love my guys! The team in Beijing has done an amazing job of adding great new features for players to enjoy together, while streamlining what players like most so that we are delivering a truly compelling Warrior Epic adventure."

To celebrate the new release, Warrior Epic is hosting two new events now through the end of February. The Facebook Pet Promotion challenges the Warrior Epic community to reach 5,000 Facebook fans byinviting others. If the goal is achieved by February 28th, all the Warrior Epic fans will be the first to receive one of the soon-to-launch in-game pets. The next event will be an in-game strategy guide contest: "Megafauna’s Lair" which centers on defeating the new Aberasian boss. Players will submit their strategy guides to the Warrior Epic
http://warriorepic.wikia.com/wiki/Warrior_Epic_Wiki and the community will choose a winner who will be awarded with in-game gold. 

Later this month several new items will be added to the game and made available for purchase.  The items will include a "Revive" item which can revive a character when it is defeated, PFX Vanity which displays cool effects like fire, lighting and ice and new pets for players that can be summoned in-game and brought along with the player. 


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