More Mercs Return for Resident Evil 5: Gold

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Not only can you relive the terror of Spencer’s mansion in LOST IN NIGHTMARES, but now you take control of iconic characters from Resident Evil past. Making their return from the original Resident Evil, Alpha Team’s weapon specialist Barry Burton and the sole surviving member of Bravo Team, rookie Rebecca Chambers, are back to join the cast of THE MERCINARIES REUNION.

Both of these classic S.T.A.R.S. members come equipped with their own customized weapon load-outs and will be strong allies as you gun down enemies, chain together kill combos, and rack up the points. THE MERCINARIES REUNION mode provides hours of additional gameplay whether you’re going solo or partnering up with a friend to take on endless waves of enemies.

For your reference, below is a table outlining which characters are unlocked with each piece of downloadable content:

Downloadable Content

Characters Unlocked for THE MERCINARIES REUNION

Lost in Nightmares

Barry Burton

Excella Gionne

Character Pack 1

Chris Redfield (Heavy Metal)

Sheva Alomar (Business)

Desperate Escape

Rebecca Chambers

Josh Stone

Character Pack 2

Chris Redfield (Warrior)

Sheva Alomar (Fairytale)

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