Lunia MMO Gets Massive Content Update

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It’s not a myth - the fact is is launching never-before-seen content in the popular anime-influenced massively multi-player online role-playing game (MMORPG), Lunia. For avid players and curious gamers, presents "Myth 4," an expansive update that includes vicious bosses with nothing to lose, a stress-free market system, fresh new character abilities, mind-blowing weapon upgrades and occult dangers lurking behind every corner.

Lunia’s long-awaited upgrade offers gamers a vibrant and stimulating alternative to other MMORPGs on the market. In addition to increasing in-game rewards, the Myth 4 upgrade includes:

  • A wider array in classes, additional characteristics and sizes of bosses and monsters, and challenging close-attack characters - further aiding fast-paced gameplay
  • Surprises lurking in dark corners as hidden bosses emerge to seek the complete annihilation of player’s bright-eyed, yet feisty characters
  • Hidden black holes that engulf unsuspecting player, stripping them of their mana - a blow difficult to overcome
  • An improved and simplified market system where players can avoid the hassle and stress often associated with stocking up on supplies and novelty items in Town Square
  • The addition of new, upgraded weaponry for characters to bash and slash adversaries like never before
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