GDN Giving away Five Copies of FlowerWorks on WiiWare

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GDN and Nocturnal Entertainment have teamed up to give away five copies of their Wiiware game Flowerworks.

GDN’s own Jim Cook had this to say in his December, 2009 review of the title:

It’s interesting to note that the most successful puzzle games are those that take a very bizarre premise and implement it in a simple, addictive way. Flowerworks is like that, putting you in control of a little green alien called Follie and requiring you to feed various plants by gliding around the screen to shoot pollen at them. Do well at this and you’ll be rewarded with flower-style firework effects, hence the game’s name.

It scored an 8.0/10 in the review and even I have played it and highly enjoyed it on the PC.

Now we’re giving you a chance to win one of five copies of the game.

How to Enter:

Sign up for a GDN account and drop a comment on this news item. That’s it. 2 minutes of your time and you could get a free WiiWare title.

The game will be gifted by Nocturnal after the winners are chosen. Winners will be chosen randomly from all entries on Friday 26 February 2010. Winners will need to supply GDN, once chosen, with their Wii friend code and add Nocturnal to their friends list in order to receive the game. Standard GDN Contest rules apply, see here for full contest rules.

MUST BE in the US, Canada or Brazil (because the game is not available outside of the US Wiiware at present.



Follie (our heroine!) comes from a planet of gentle plant-like creatures. Their planet is happy and colourful, yet heavily populated, and is famous around the galaxy for its "Flowerworks" - special flowers that bloom into a cascade of fireworks. The flowers hungrily suck in the fireworks which they create, using the energy to grow larger. This symbiotic relationship is a central part of life on Follie’s home world, which is constantly lit up with fireworks - both day and night.

Flowerworks have another special property: the flowers transform the terrain around them, making it more hospitable to Follie’s kind. The terraforming ability of the Flowerworks means that Follie’s relatives have spread across the galaxy, turning lifeless rocky planets into ones that literally explode with colour and life.

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