Vengeful Gods Invade Norrath

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Vengeful Gods, the ninth release for Sony Online Entertainment’s online trading card game, Legends of Norrath launches today. Vengeful Gods introduces all-new gameplay, incredible new art and a compelling new storyline that pits players against the avatars of the Norrathian Gods.


Players will battle against mind-controlled prophets, fight the master planner and encounter divine vengeance behind the plot to enslave the avatars of the gods. Vengeful Gods features:

  • New Loot: Mounts return to Legends of Norrath with several amazing new loot cards, including new Spider Mounts in EverQuest and new mount variants in EverQuest II.
  • New Cards: Exciting new game mechanics and the continuation of popular game play like “Shifting cards” add fresh, new strategies.
  • New Characters:  Pulled from the lore of EverQuest, Vengeful Gods features appearances by the God of Valor, the God of War and Anashi Sul, the Avatar of the Forgotten.

Vengeful Gods is available now.

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