Gratuitous Space Battles Brings The Order

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THE ORDER is the new expansion pack/DLC for the indie strategy game ’Gratuitous Space Battles’. The order are religious extremists determined to wipe the universe free of all non-believers. Including you. The order’s ships are big on power but low on speed, and are held together by tractor beams, rather than mere girders.

The Order’s new weapons are as follows:
Radiation Guns
Bullet-firing weapons which deliver a radioactive payload which eats away at your ship from the inside, even if you manage to restore your shields after the initial impact. They also come with a free creepy green glow effect!
Nuclear Missiles
All the fun of radiation guns, in missile form!
Limpet Mines
Tiny robotic drones which seek out fast moving enemy fighters and attach to them, slowing them down and allowing your heroic gunners to take an easy shot at those heathen alien swine.
Firefly Rockets
Think of them as ’Rockets 2.0’, faster and more deadly.
This expansion pack also adds two new missions, a titanic struggle in the middle of an asteroid belt, and a ’survival mode’ map where you fight against endless waves of disciples from the Order.
The expansion pack can be bought direct here:  And installed regardless where you bought the original game.
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