Heavy Rain to be Warner Bros Film?

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It appears, according to a recent US Copyright Office filing, that New Line Productions have picked up a film option on the Quantic Dream - David De Gruttola, Playstation 3-exclusive interactive drama. What that means is that they are looking at it as a possible full-length feature film. Of course, since it’s very cinematic already and interactive it would probably be slightly less interesting than the game. Then again, it would be live action instead of computer animated and so might be worth a sit down with a bucket of popcorn and a drink for one hour 43 minutes.

Of course, just because an IP is optioned by a film company doesn’t always mean that it will be made. They generally, in my opinion, tend to sit on them and see if they can later sell it for a profit to another production company, or they might work out some ideas and see if they can get enough people and money on board to move forward with a good possibility of success.

Either way, it probably wouldn’t even hit theaters for a couple years at the very least.

For more on Heavy Rain, see the recent GDN review.

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