Crisp Thinking Fights MMO Problem Users

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Finally, someone is giving MMOs a way to fight back against gold farmers, griefers and cheaters. Crisp Thinking has launched NetModerator for MMOs, allowing companies to use real-time profiling to identify and deal with everything from gold farming to botting.

Based on technology originally developed for child protection, NetModerator for MMOs tackles all the kinds of antisocial behavior that ruin player experience as well as ensuring the stability of in-game economies. NetModerator for MMOs finds and flags the most frustrating in-game activities including cheating, griefing, spamming, power leveling, botting, gold farming and selling, chat spamming, kill stealing and spawn camping.

Crisp’s new control system gives moderators real-time management control of online interactions by reading, analyzing, reporting and intervening on abusive in-game activities and communications. Installations of the system are customized to analyze the specific activities each customer wishes to monitor. These include any or all of the MMO modules developed by Crisp as well as behaviors specific to a particular game.

This level of automation reduces the need for live moderation/customer service for low-level issues by up to 80 percent. The resources formerly dedicated to those activities can be directed to high instances that need high level human decisions.

“Gold farmers, cheaters and griefers are huge threats to the long-term success of any MMO. Yet, the industry has had to adopt a passive model -- waiting for players to report the problems after their experience has been ruined,” said Adam Hildreth, CEO of Crisp. “NetModerator for MMOs gives companies a weapon that lets them actively detect and deal with problems before most players even have a chance to notice.”

Full details of Crisp Thinking’s NetModerator for MMOs can be found at

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