Soul of the Ultimate Nation Gets Update

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Soul of the Ultimate Nation gives evil a playground with the game’s major update on the hardcore gaming portal Those who can withstand the horror newly added to Soul of the Ultimate Nation will experience new quests for blood, vengeance and immortality.  A sinister graveyard, two new slaughtering systems, wicked crafting and an increased level cap are only a few of the latest additions, which can be found at .

Soul of the Ultimate Nation’s upgrade offers gamers a menacing alternative to other MMORPGs on the internet. On top of the level cap jumping to 115 from 100, the upgrade includes:

  • New missions, quests and area conquest transpire on a menacing field, the Aiort Graveyard
  • A group system that allows players to share the benefits of gameplay between friends and fellow members
  • Shield points, bestowed upon all classes with the Shield System, resulting in expanding hit points during crucial player versus player (PvP) combat
  • The evolution of customization, with a vast array of nearly 150 different guild mark backgrounds and patterns
  • New and upgraded crafting, allowing for innovations in the existing economy
  • 100 consecutive, fiendish quests, slaying and destroying demons, beginning at level 70


Soul of the Ultimate Nation is a fantasy MMORPG set in a world ravaged by corruption and war. The Immortal Emperor governed the Brakion continent with a dark and secret knowledge in his possession - the existence of Ether. Converting the valuable Ether into dark energy and using it to conquer the entire continent with his terrifying, demonic armies, the Immortal Emperor impoverished the land causing the ruling classes to turn to alliances with neighboring nations to continue its supremacy. Stemming from oblique dealings and intimate secrets among the royal families, two opposing dynasties blossomed. Enveloped in graphically stunning settings and intricate story lines, dotted with harrowing surprises lurking behind dark shadows, players will relish in the ever-expanding fantasy world that is Soul of the Ultimate Nation.


Soul of the Ultimate Nation is not for the weak-willed or the easily-terrified, it’s a fantastic, fun game that not only keeps gamers knee-deep in a suspenseful plot but keeping the lights on - just in case.

For those daring enough to seek more information and possibly even play this foreboding game can check it out here:

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