Runescape Bonus XP Next Weekend

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For the first time ever, Jagex is sponsoring a Bonus XP weekend in RuneScape, allowing players the chance to earn extra points for all standard training skills, from woodcutting, fishing and mining to even attacking and thieving!
Running from Friday, March 12th through Monday, March 15th, RuneScape members will earn approx 2.7x XP for all "normal training" activities during a maximum of ten in-game hours. A running total of the extra XP earned and the time of XP log-in will be displayed in-game throughout the event, allowing each player to maximize their training!
RuneScape currently holds the world record as the most popular free online game and has been played by over 106 million people worldwide since it was first launched in 2001. The upcoming Bonus XP weekend is sure to be a hit for loyal RuneScape fans and new players alike. For more information and a full list of the XP activities, check out Jagex’s announcement of the event: .

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