MusiGames and I-play Announce iMusic Puzzle and Paper Boat Race for iPhone and iPod Touch

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MusiGames Studio, renowned music game developer, and Oberon Media, leading provider of casual games solutions, today announced that Oberon will publish MusiGames’ new titles for iPhone and iPod Touch via Oberon’s publishing arm, I-play.

“Oberon is a top tier publisher of games for mainstream gamers and we know that our titles will appeal to their target audience,” said Americo Amorim, CEO of MusiGames Studio. “We have had incredible success already with our innovative music and rhythm based titles on iPhone and we know that this partnership will enable us to increase our market potential.”

“We are always looking to partner with developers who create innovative, fun titles,” said Keith Adair, Global VP Sales & Marketing, Mobile at I-play. “We are very excited about what MusiGames can offer our players.”

About iMusic Puzzle
iMusic Puzzle is a game where players need to use their skills in order to solve audio puzzles that are created with pieces of their favorite iTunes Library songs! There are two gameplay modes, including Arcade, where iMusic Puzzle will randomly select 28 songs from the user’s iTunes Library, and Quick Play, where specific songs can be selected.

The game offers three puzzle styles:

  • - Drop: Samples of different songs are falling and the player needs to quickly drop them into their corresponding song slot!
  • - Memory: A deck of audio samples is displayed and the player needs to listen and find pairs with the same part of a song
  • - Shuffle: A portion of a song is played and then it explodes into multiple audio samples. The player has to arrange them in the correct order, making the music flow!

About Paper Boat Race
In Paper Boat Race, players blow into the microphone to make their boat travel faster as they race to win! To guide the paper boat along the course in the swimming pool, players use the accelerometer in order to pass between the flags and avoid hitting obstacles. In Paper Boat Race, the player will compete in 4 championships with 5 races each. The difficulty level will gradually increase in each circuit.

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