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Since the alpha test began for IGG’s newest 3D MMORPG, Tales of Fantasy( users have been having a great time enjoying the unique gameplay and exploring the games wonderful features. However, a quest called Daily Hot Spring is proving to be quite a nightmare for inexperienced new comers. So today, the official team will unveil some secret hints and tips to help you get by. (I’m in the test and I can state that there is a lot of chatter in the game about that particular quest).
With the promise of free experience and skill points for players who submerge themselves in the game’s hot springs, players are taking great interest in these quests. Unfortunately for many, bathing in those waters can be a dangerous pastime, as proven by death tolls numbering in the thousands. Thankfully, with tips from the game’s friendly GMs and the spirit of teamwork, players have found better ways to enjoy these tricky quests. To help players better understand the hot springs, the Tales of Fantasy Development Team took time to share a few facts and pointers about the mysteries surrounding these natural wonders.
The world of Tales of Fantasy is in a state of constant strife between two opposing factions, so players are hard-pressed to level up quickly to maintain the competitive strength of the faction they serve. Since grinding levels can become a boring and mundane task, the Tales of Fantasy team came up with a free and easy alternative: the hot springs!
The hot springs in the game were inspired by those found in various countries and cultures around the world, tracing back ages and renowned for the amazing healing and revitalizing effects that are much sought after even today.
What You Need to Know
Naturally the hot springs are, as the name suggests, hot! In Tales of Fantasy, the amazing EXP and SP gains they offer come at a price. Due to the side effects, which include a constant sapping of strength and eventual dehydration, a direct decrease in HP occurs when characters stay submerged in the hot springs for too long. Upon reaching 0 HP in the springs, a character will die, so players need to be careful. There are 2 kinds of hot spring quests – the cooler version which reduces HP by 200 per second, and the hotter version which reduces HP by 500 per second. Players must complete the quests in order – and with each level completed, more EXP and SP will be earned.
The importance of teamwork can’t be stressed enough. Without teammates, many worthwhile endeavors are doomed to failure. There are classes in the game that have the ability to restore the health of their teammates, which comes in handy at the hot springs. Beyond tactical concerns, teaming is a good way to keep things fresh and form bonds with other players. Here’s a note of caution though - using of restoration potions in the hot springs won’t work!
If you can’t find any teammates, why not consider parting with some of your money to hire other players to help you with the quest? And if you happen to be a Healer, this is the perfect opportunity to make some money too! Make new friends and line your pockets - all at the same time!
Here’s a hint, players can employ the use of amulets in the hot springs to restore HP when it runs low (please take note of the cooldown time, though). Even better, these amulets are available from various low level quests!
The hot springs quest lasts for a total of 30 minutes, so while you’re gaining amazing amounts of EXP and SP, there’s plenty of time to make a few new friends, too. Tales of Fantasy is not just about mounted combat; it’s about the various little things one can do, as well.
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