Free Realms Welcomes Pirates

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Avast ye landlubbers!  Free Realms has released an exciting new content update loaded with pirate themed goodies, including housing items, freestyle wearables, Marketplace items and an exciting, Members-only, 3D minigame, Pirate’s Plunder!

A grand amusement for every sea-legged sailor, Pirate’s Plunder lets Members control battle ships in a match of up to six players (or AI opponents) in action-packed ocean environments filled with whirlpools, enemy cannon towers and lots of shiny treasure!  Members who are ready to weigh anchor can register their ships with Jolly Roger in Seaside or launch the new minigame right from their Activity Guide.

Along with the Pirate clippers and skippers, this game update ushers in new Tiger, Unicorn and Pegasus pets, as well as new Pegasus Ride variants.

And, for a limited time, players can redeem a 7-Eleven Free Realms $10 Station Cash Card Bundle between 3/18/2010 and 4/19/2010 to receive a bonus T-Rex Ride in addition to an exclusive green cowboy hat for their in-game dog!


  • Battle up to 5 other players or AI opponents
  • Choose between three different pirate ships and eight different flags
  • Play in three different maps: Treasure Isle, Arctic Bay and Shipwreck Cove
  • Destroy opponents by firing up to 24 cannons at once or ramming them at high speed
  • Collect and capture treasure to win the game
  • Steal treasure from other players by sinking their ships
  • Use whirlpools, currents and ship power ups to your advantage
  • Includes ship repairs and flag or ship swaps mid-battle
  • New pirate themed items available in the Station Cash Marketplace, Coin Shop and minigame loot wheel

Pirate’s Plunder is now available to play in-game for Members only.
To log in, visit

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