Alien Monster Bowling League Coming to Europe

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You might be the best bowler in the world, but are you the best bowler in the Galaxy? Find out this spring! TGC – The Games Company is proud to release Alien Monster Bowling League – or in short AMBL, the interstellar bowling game for Wii in Q2 2010 across Europe.

Compete against humans, aliens and monsters in a bowling competition unlike anything you’ve ever seen. It takes more than a good hook shot to compete in the AMBL: Power Moves, Special Balls and Whammies bring a whole new dimension to the lanes for a bowling experience that is out of this world!

Challenge the mighty count Dracula, the fearless Marsian in his huge robot or wily Kendra with her sexy outfit and many other diversified enemies. Beat them all despite their individual skills and special moves to reach the winner of the interracial, international and interstellar Alien Monster Bowling League.

Beside a thrilling single player mode you can tempt human friends to encounter the highly motivating multiplayer mode for a fast paced split screen duel. Face your buddies and enter diversified bowling lanes spread around the galaxy.

The multilingual Alien Monster Bowling League will be released in a mid price segment in Q2 2010 exclusively on Wii in English, French, Italian, Spanish and German language.

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