Nintendo Taking 3D to Handheld Market

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In typical Nintendo fashion they have made an announcement that leaves everyone wanting. It seems they are going to make a new DS with 3D built into it. Hopefully, it will utilize the larger XL screens instead of the smaller ones.

The recent press release said:

Nintendo will launch the Nintendo 3DS (temporary name) during the fiscal year ending March 2011, in which games can be enjoyed with 3D effects without any special glasses.

Also mentioned in the release is backward compatibility with DS and DSi software. They’re planning on announcing more details from E3 in June.

Some speculate that this is a move to fight off the iPhone’s encroachment into the handheld gaming market but I don’t see the DS and the iPhone as direct competitors. Sure, they’re both portable gaming but it’s like comparing a PSP to a laptop. Both can be used for gaming but it’s not the main point of one of them. While iPhone games are selling millions of copies it’s still not a direct competitor to the DS and I imagine many people might even have both (I do).

I sure hope it’s not one of these flip up screen deals where you open the unit and then stare through a lame lens to get the 3D effects. Anyone remember the last time Nintendo tried this? The Virtual Boy.

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