Likwid Hits iTunes, Music Puzzler with 40 Years of Tunes

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FunMobility has launched Likwid, a visually mesmerizing premium music experience for gamers and music lovers alike. FunMobility has partnered with major music labels, artists and puzzle designers to bring gamers and music loves alike a unique musical puzzle experience. 

Likwid enables the gamer to direct streams of musical energy to colored targets called  receptors.   As the music receptors collect the musical energy, one track of the song – for example, drums – will be heard. As more receptors are filled, more tracks of the song – i.e., percussion, guitar, vocals, bass – are played. Each of the receptors must be filled in order to advance to the next level. Each premium song comes with five puzzles (two easy, two medium and one difficult). Like the moment when all the members of a band gel perfectly together, Likwid is about that Zen moment of harmony and balance – visually and musically.

All Likwid levels link to the iTunes Store, enabling users to purchase any tracks they discover within Likwid.

Likwid participating artists include Fall Out Boy, Smashmouth, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Maroon 5, David Bowie, Duran Duran, OK Go, Billy Squier, Blondie, Slaughter, Everclear, Foreigner, Los Lobos, Poison, Yellowcard, The Allman Brothers Band, Rise Against, Culture Club, The Exies, The Vapors, Grand Funk Railroad, N.E.R.D., Underoath, and many others.

CEO Adam Lavine of FunMobility describes what sets Likwid apart from other apps:  “Likwid includes an incredible list of songs, fantastic graphics and animated particle streams and challenging puzzles.  This unique blend of music and puzzle-solving will be fun and engaging for people of all ages.”

Likwid is now available at or in the iTunes store.

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