Xbox 360 Offers 250GB Drives

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Hot on the heels that Microsoft will allow USB devices to be considered valid storage media, they have announced the availability of the 250GB drives.

Available in stores today, Xbox 360 introduces the 250GB Hard Drive, which offers more space to store your favorite game and entertainment content.  Available at the incredible value of $129.99 (U.S ERP), the 250GB Hard Drive offers more freedom to download the latest demos, Xbox LIVE Arcade games, full game titles with Games on Demand, TV shows, movies and more straight to your Xbox 360 console.

Checking current prices at one can find a 2TB drive for about $150. Shows you just how far off base the Xbox 360 hard drive peripheral pricing is. If you’re not in dire need or storage space at present it might be best to wait for the next update which should offer USB drive compatibility. Of course they haven’t stated anything on the type of drives that could be supported through the USB port and it might simply be flash drives. A 256GB one of those on NewEgg today is about $800.

Alternatively you could buy the Final Fantasy XIII Xbox 360 console pack (with 250GB) drive for $400 and sell the older one to your kid brother/sister 🙂

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