Lok Revenants Gain Stronghold in Star Wars Galaxies

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Star Wars Galaxies Stronghold of the Lok Revenants has players return to Lok to uncover the epic riches found in Nym’s fortress. Those who prove their worth will be rewarded with a bounty of pirate treasure.

This game update includes an expanded version of the original Lok quest series, including new side quests, and adds a new piracy system in space that allows players to pull wealthy trade convoys out of hyperspace and pillage them with their starfighters.

FEATURES: The Star Wars Galaxies Stronghold of the Lok Revenants game update includes:

  • New rewards including the Jinkins J-1 Rifle, mounted Slugthrower decorations and Nym’s logo rug
  • New space piracy system allows players to pillage trade convoys of new engines, shields and other bounty
  • New space features including improved power for ship weapons and special tokens that are awarded for Destroy Duty Missions
  • New Email Collections Reward – a model of Nym’s Starfighter “Havoc”


For more information, visit www.StarWarsGalaxies.com

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