Bright Shadow’s Spring Celebration

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Gamepot (USA), Inc., is pleased to announce upcoming events and campaign for our popular Social MMO, “Bright Shadow”.

1.       The Easter Bunny Hunt! Event
Date:             04/02/10 – 04/08/10
Time:             3:00PM
Venue:         Meteor Pit
Rewards:     (3 Winners) Bunny Baby
Event Details:           
1 Bunny, 2 Bunny, 3 Bunny… Are you ready to Find the bunnies!
Talk to the Bunny GM in the Meteor Pit to receive your first item and a clue to the next Bunny GM!
The first three to travel around the world and bring back all the items will receive a special reward!
There are 3 winners per day, so there are lots of chances for everyone!

2.       Attack of the Umbra Event

  • Date:             04/01/10
  • Venue:         Meteor  Pit
  • Event Details:           
  • Ready for a surprise? Come check out Meteor Pit on April 1st to fight special monsters and defend Meteor Pit from the Umbra!

3.       GM Says! Event

  • Date:             04/13/10 – 04/19/10
  • Time:             4:00PM PST – 5:00PM PST
  • Rewards:     (3 Winners) EXP Book - 3 Hours
  • Venue:         Meteor Pit
  • Event Details:    GM Says!  Remember Red Light, Green Light, Simon Says? See a Lucienian twist on an old favorite.

4.      Heroes of Luciena Event

  • Date:             Daily
  • Rewards: (Top Group) 500 PotCash
  • Venue:         Meteor Pit
  • Event Details:    Challenge yourself in a timed battle against ferocious bosses!
  • The top three fastest groups will be ranked on the website and will be rewarded weekly!

5.       Luciena’sNext Top Fashion Designer

  • Date:             04/01/10 – 04/30/10
  • Rewards:     In-game title.
  • Venue:         Bright Shadow Forum (
  • Event Details: Be Creative and design your very own Lucienian wardrobe! Winners will receive an in game title. 

6.       Beginner Guild Event

  • Date:             Daily
  • Venue:         Beginner Village / Trial Field
  • Level 1-10
  • Event Details: Want to learn how to play with the support of a guild?  ? Come check out the Beginner Guild at Beginner Village to learn all about Bright Shadow!

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