Dead Valkyries’ Resurrection Event in Valkyrie Sky for April

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Valkyrie Sky, shoot’em up RPG serviced at global game portal GameKiss, announced it will host an in-game event "Dead Valkyries’ Resurrection" during the Easter holidays starting April 1st.
During the seven-day-long event, a new NPC called Robed will appear in the starting stage town, Flygheim. The role of Robed, guard of souls, is to help revive especially brave Valkyries that died in battles during the time of resurrection. To achieve his task, he will ask users’ help in collecting Valkyries’ souls that are spread all over the world.
In order to receive rewards, users bring the souls’ integers items to Robed. The souls’ integers can be collected throughout the stages. Depending on the number of the collected integers they can be exchanged with fortune purses. When the fortune purses are double-clicked, they will reveal various in-game spells, ingredients and cooking items. Among the best items that can be obtained from the fortune purses are special accessories including rings, earrings and belts of Iherier’s descendants. These items will be very rare because after the event has finished, it will be impossible to obtain them again.
Valkyrie Sky, the only online shoot’em up RPG, has received much attention from gamers by providing arcade style game controls and experience. The “Dead Valkyries’ Resurrection” event is being introduced to thank all the loyal gamers.

More details about the event can be found at its official website:

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