Dragon Oath Gigantic Dragon Mount Contest

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ChangYou.com announced that it will be giving away one rare gigantic flying dragon mount to one lucky player of Dragon Oath.

The mount, named “BladeWind”, is an extraordinary dragon with glowing yellow eyes, razor sharp teeth, and claws that can rip anything to shreds. It has a massive wingspan strong enough to create a mini dust storm and increase travel speed by 70%. The immense size of this dragon is big enough to invite an extra companion along for the ride. This gigantic mount will fill up a huge portion of the map and needless to say, everyone on the server will know when BladeWind and its owner are coming!

BladeWind was released with the game’s latest expansion Age of Destiny and is very rare. No player has succeeded in catching this illusive beast getting one over the past two months since Age of Destiny was launched.

Normally the mighty Bladewind can only be captured in only two ways…pure luck or pure determination.  In order to catch this elusive beast, you must seek out these rare items: the claws of Bladewind, the wings of Bladewind, and the teeth of Bladewind.  This is no simple task.  You will need your friends and unparalleled effort to do so.  Or...you could be extraordinarily lucky, and Cissy Lau of Lou Yang may let you claim it from her game, Lucky Bingo. 

Now comes the perfect opportunity to finally own one and become the envy of the whole server. From March 26th to April 12th, any player who purchases from the Dragon Oath token shop will be entered into a raffle to win the Bladewind mount. Players can only have a maximum of 1 entry, so the amount that they spend doesn’t matter.

Join the event now! Mastering a flying dragon mount can be a reality!


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