Hearts of Iron 3 Beat to v1.4

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Paradox Interactive has released the anticipated v1.4 patch for Hearts of Iron 3, fixing bugs and adjusting features to address fan concerns and feedback in the World War II strategy game. The update is available at all major digital retailers where Hearts of Iron 3 is on sale.

Major features of the patch include:

  • AI has been improved in all areas, with special attention paid to cooperation with allies and production.

  • Significant work has been done on optimization, and the game is now more than 30% faster than v1.1, and numerous interfaces are now much quicker to access, reducing lag.

  • Land, air and naval units have been rebalanced to improve the overall game experience, and submarines are much more appealing units.

  • Improvements have been made to the interface, adding a number of new tooltips and revising several map modes to give more information.

  • More support for user modifications has been added, with many more commands exposed to LUA.

“With Hearts of Iron 3, I admit we bit off a little more than we could chew,” said Johan Andersson, Head of Development at Paradox Interactive. “We tried to be revolutionary rather than evolutionary, and while we will always strive for continued improvement, I think the lesson learnt from this project is that people prefer polish over attempts at breaking new ground. As with all of our releases, we will continue to update and improve gameplay for Hearts of Iron 3 long after the game has disappeared from retail shelves; however, this patch 1.4 is our final core patch, as it solves the game-breaking issues that were prevalent, and should address the major issues some fans experienced with the game.”

For more info, visit www.paradoxplaza.com and visit the Hearts of Iron 3 forum page: www.heartsofirongame.com/ a complete list of mirror links.


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