Three THQ Star Wars Titles to iPhone

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THQ Wireless Inc., a subsidiary of THQ Inc. (NASDAQ:THQI), today announced that Star Wars: Cantina, Star Wars: Yoda Soundboard and Star Wars:Lightsaber Duel - a sequel to the highly popular Lightsaber Unleashed application - are now available for worldwide download on iTunes. Featuring a colorful cast of characters from classic Star Wars films, the new products immerse players in "a galaxy far, far away," offering an entertaining and humorous perspective.

About the Star Wars: Cantina GameApple iTunes

In Star Wars: Cantina players become galactic adventurer Nia Adea, now a proprietor of a cantina on the hot desert planet of Tatooine. Inundated by demanding customers - including the trigger-happy Rodians, burly Gamorreans, Imperial stormtroopers and more - players must frantically serve the thirsty customers. Accuracy and speed are key as players work toward meeting their daily quota of classic Star Wars characters served through Career and Endless Shift modes. As gamers achieve their goals, they are rewarded with décor and attractions for their cantina that will bring them more lucrative business patrons.

Star Wars: Cantina can be purchased for $4.99

About Star Wars: Yoda Sound Board

In Star Wars: Yoda Sound Board, players can finally receive the life changing advice from the galaxy’s wisest Jedi Master - right at their fingertips. With more than 30 favorite quotes including, "A Jedi craves not these things" and "You must confront Vader," Jedi Master Yoda will impart his words of wisdom to every Star Wars fan.

Star Wars: Yoda Sound Board can be purchased for $.99 

About Star Wars: Lightsaber Duel

The sequel to Lightsaber Unleashed, which to date has been downloaded to more than 11 million* phones, invites players to face off against a friend in a fierce battle of clashing lightsabers by swinging their iPhone while it produces authentic lightsaber sound effects. In the game, players can choose from 15 popular Star Wars characters, as well as create a character with a customizable lightsaber. In addition to engaging single-player entertainment, fans with iPhones supporting Bluetooth peer-to-peer connectivity can battle one another with lightsabers that react to the action in real time. As an added bonus, any song can be played from a player’s library as a soundtrack to a battle while those in search of the ultimate Star Wars experience can play the classic theme song that is included with the application.

*Source: Apple / iTunes Report; Title - Star Wars: Lightsaber Unleashed

Star Wars: Lightsaber Duel can be purchased for $.99

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