Final Fantasy XIV Clan Information

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Five clans have been revealed for Square Enix’s upcoming Final Fantasy XIV. New information has now been made available for each of the clans including:

As previously revealed, the inhabitants of Eorzea, the realm that serves as the setting for the game, are:


  • The Elezen – Noble and Refined – Tall, slim, with highly sensitive ears, the traditionally nomadic race formerly claimed sole dominion over Eorzea. Throughout history, their relations with the Hyur have been tense and plagued by warfare, though the two races coexist peacefully at present.
  • The Lalafell – More Clever by Half - Short and rotund in stature, they are known for their incredible agility as well as their highly developed and cunning intellects.
  • The Hyur – Diversity in Numbers – The most populous race in Eorzea, boasting sophisticated technology and a complex ethos that make them the driving force behind cultural progress in Eorzea.
  • The Roegadyn – Size Matters – A maritime people possessing muscular builds and  unflinching courage
  • The Miqo’te – A Tribe of One – A hunting tribe, comparatively few in number, they maintain an insular group mentality, tending to avoid contact with other races.

 New information pertaining to the clans within each race has been posted within the “World” tab, under the subhead “Races.” Visitors to the website will also find new information as well as art assets on this subject.

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