Alan to Wake a Week Early in Europe

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Alan Wake was scheduled to arrive in Europe on the 21st of May. But he must have slept enough because he’ll now be ready for Xbox 360 owners on the 14th.

One of the most highly-anticipated games of the year will finally be ready for us to get our hands a full week prior to its expected launch.

It seems that development went so well in the final stages that they firmly believe it will be ready. Considering that today is just over a month it must mean that the discs are ready to be sent to the manufacturer to be packaged up and sent on their merry ways.

My question is, what’s the status of the PC version of the game and will it be coming soon now that the Xbox 360 version is done? Remedy does have a strong background in makinga games for the PC and it’s not uncommon for games to land on both platforms.

Alan Wake:

Alan Wake is a successful horror story author. His fiancee was his muse, and she instilled in him both his inspiration and his nightmares. One day, Wake’s fiancee goes missing, and as a result, he starts to crack--and stops sleeping.

Alan then goes to see a psychiatrist at a hospital in Pride Falls, Washington. There he meets an attendant who’s a spitting image of his missing fiancee. And sure enough, the nightmares start up again. Only this time, they’re a little too real. Is Alan going mad? Or is a sinister plot starting to unravel in Pride Falls?

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