Ironhide, SkyWarp Enter War for Cybertron

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The next two playable characters – IRONHIDE and SKYWARP – are being revealed today for Transformers: War for Cybertron on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.



  • Autobot
  • Class: Soldier
  • Chassis: Truck
  • Primary Weapon: EMP Shotgun
  • Abilities: Whirlwind, Dash

Description: Ironhide is the oldest Autobot on the team.  He is the slowest Autobot on the team.  He is also the meanest, toughest, orneriest Autobot on the team.  He is most definitely yesterday’s model, but he was built to last – seemingly forever.  He is a soldier, first and foremost, but his tough exterior hides a deep compassion for life.  He is one of Optimus’ most trusted advisors on all matters.



  • Decepticon
  • Class: Scout
  • Chassis: Jet
  • Primary Weapon: Thermo Rocket Launcher
  • Abilities: Cloak, Dash

Description: Skywarp possesses cloaking technology which he uses to sow destruction upon his enemies.  Skywarp isn’t the most intelligent Transformers character in the Decepticon force, so he needs to be continually guided and told what to do.  Regardless, once set upon a path, Skywarp will achieve his goal with quiet, ruthless efficiency.

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