PS3 Firmware Update V 3.30 – Features

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The latest Playstation 3 firmware update will bring your system up to version 3.30. It brought with it useful features like the ability to sort your trophies and the not-so-useful-yet 3D support for games. But that’s just Sony preparing for the future before it arrives (how uncharacteristic).

It also does some other things like fix a minor glitch with region-free Blu-ray discs (and also set it up for 3D as well?)

The firmware upgrade also updates the Flash version in the browser allowing for more features and allowing you to watch more video in it. Perhaps trying to give you more reason to do just that and increase usefulness of that facet of the system. I rarely ever use the browser personally as without a keyboard it becomes cumbersome at times.

The Trophy list sorting update gives the ability to sort them now by name as well as by date achieved. You can even drill down in add-ons and see the specific trophies and info there as well as by level of the trophy.

For developers there were some tweaks in the tech including decreasing the size of the firmware footprint and updating the SDK.

No, it didn’t bring back the functionality that was stripped from the platform in the 3.2.1 update. Nor did it fix several other issues that users have asked for. But it is working for the future. Strange that they would have an eye on the future when there are still things in the present that could use tweaking and fixing. I guess they really couldn’t wait to get that 3D support in there, even though no one has a television capable of utilizing it just yet. Way to prioritize.

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