Bright Shadow Welcomes Spring with New Content, Events

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Gamepot (USA), Inc.,announced upcoming content update, events and campaign for their popular MMO, “Bright Shadow”. 

 What’s New in Luciena?

1.  Train Your Pet!

Remember the good old days of your dog chewing your shoes? Or your Lama eating your cereal?  Not anymore! Beginning April 27, you can use a Retrieval Jewel to instantly train your pet in the ancient Lucienaian art of "Fetch my stuff now!"


2.  Summon,  Battle, Win!

Does a powerful Umbra have you running for cover? Fight back with your own monstrous companion by your side. Each time you receive a card from an Umbra you’ve defeated, they join your personal monster arsenal. You can summon them at any time and command them to help you defeat anything that crosses your path!


3.  WASD: It’s What Moves Me!!

Now you can use WASD to move around Luciena!  Enjoy a wider range of movement!


[Upcoming Event / Campaign Information]


1.  Bright Shadow & Go Cash Giveaway Campaign 

  • Date:             05/01/10 – 05/31/10(12:00 to 23:59 PST)
  • Rewards:     20 % Bonus Cash + exclusive item 

Campaign Details:   

During the campaign, you will receive bonus cash if you purchase a Go Cash prepaid card and redeem it for use in Bright Shadow.  Plus, if you purchase something in Bright Shadow, you will receive an exclusive item! 


2.  Mother and Child Event

  • Date:     05/04/10 – 05/31/10
  • Rewards:             Flower Basket Bag          

Event Details:   

Bella has found a baby monster in the outskirts of Luciena. The baby monster was attacked by nearby humans and has been abandoned by its tribe.  Bella has taken in the baby monster and has given it a name, Chestnut. Bella has been secretly taking care of the Chestnut without the nearby villagers knowing.  However, it has gotten more difficult for Bella to go meet Chestnut. Could you kindly help Bella and Chestnut delivers their love for one another?


3.  Card Collector: Boys vs. Girls!

  • Date:     05/04/10 – 05/17/10
  • Time:     12:00 PDT to 18:00 PDT
  • Venue: Meteor Pit
  • Rewards:             Server wide 2x EXP

Event Details:   

Boys and Girls! Are you ready to collect some cards? Lately a lot of monsters have been appearing and things have gotten out of hands. Defeat monsters and retrieve cards!  Of course there is a reward for retrieving the Umbra Cards. The winning side will be rewarded with a week-long of 2x EXP!

Winning side? To make things more interesting, it will be a competition between boys and girls! Yes, that means only the boys or only the girls will be enjoying the week long of 2x EXP! So what are you waiting for? Let’s start finding those Umbra Cards!


4.  Survival XO Quiz Event

  • Date:     05/25/10 – 05/31/10
  • Time:     15:00 PDT to 16:00 PDT
  • Venue: Fountain of Meteor Pit
  • Rewards:             (3 Winners) EXP Book - 3 Hours

Event Details:   

It’s time to start your brains as the Survival XO Quiz will be starting! Answer series of XO Quizzes and try to survive until the very end! It’s a simple quick game, so stop by the fountain of Meteor Pit for a chance to win some prizes!


5.  Heroes of Luciena: Umbra Battle! Event

  • Date:     Daily
  • Rewards:             (Top Group) Golden Tiger Seal

Event Details:   

It’s time to take out that Umbra Card and unleash them! This time in the Heroes of Luciena Event, you will only be allowed to fight the summoned monsters with your own monsters unleashed from the cards. Oh, the reward has been changed too! You will now receive an exclusive mount! So, stay on the top 3 if you want to keep this awesome pet.

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