Supreme Court To Hear Video Game Case

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The Supreme Court today decided that it will hear California’s case the wants to regulate (read CENSOR) the sale of computer games. It seems that games are not to be afforded the same rights as those given to film, books, music and television. It’s entirely possible that the state that makes the most graphic content on the planet will censor that same content in another format. The land of pornography and fake blood must feel threatened by video games. The state where the majority of shows like Spartacus, Rome, Dexter and Californication (all of which I watch religiously) are created is apparently not happy with the content in video games. Shockingly hypocritical I must add.

How to fight Censorship by California and the Supreme Court

This paragraph and link are from a Video Game Voters Network email:

The restrictions proposed by the State of California are unconstitutional and do nothing more than take away the rights of individuals to make their own choices. We believe parents -- not the government or industry -- should be the ones to decide what games are appropriate for their children.

Obviously, the Supreme Court is on the fence as to whether or not the ESRB is doing its job. After all, if they were satisfied with the system they would simply point to it and say "that is good enough." Surprisingly, in the UK they’ve just agreed to use the PEGI system thereby dropping their, often more restrictive, system. Additionally, it looks like Australia will get an 18+ rating, a country notorious for their censorship of games (it was even in the name of the office up until recent years).

Now it seems that the US wants to be the government most afraid of video game content. Hopefully the people will not stand for it.

It is time for gamers to take a stand. Our rights are going to be impinged upon if we do not. The Supreme Court could very well agree to take away our own freedom of choice in this case by siding with the state of California and deciding that more government regulations should be placed on video game sales. This must not happen and we have had enough civil liberties and freedoms removed from us over the last decade and a half. It’s time for America to once again become the home of the free.

Make your voice heard. Stand up for what you believe and for your rights.


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