X3: Terran Conflict v2.6 Includes Steam Exclusives

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 Egosoft, a Germany-based game developer since 1990, announced today the release of Version 2.6 of X3: Terran Conflict on STEAM.  The new release includes a new STEAM exclusive achievement system and the "NEW HOME" plot for its space game opera X3: Terran Conflict.

Starting with Version 2.6, this ultimate space simulator will introduce STEAM achievements and all of EGOSOFT’s existing (DVD) customers can update their non-STEAM versions of the game to a STEAM version for FREE.

Version 2.6 also features the long-awaited NEW HOME missions, which promises to be quite an adventure for current players who like their THINK missions.

Concurrent with the release of Version 2.6 is the long-awaited arrival of the X3: Terran Conflict Bonus Pack. This popular fixture of previous X titles will offer some of your favorite script plugins, developed by members of the community.  Among the more popular scripts to be made available in the Bonus Pack are the Commercial Agent and the Commodity Logistics Software.

In addition to the new achievements, EGOSOFT is now also actively developing a new game mode called "DEAD IS DEAD" inspired by the story of Squiddy McSquid (part 1 and part 2) that gained popularity on our online forums and inspired many players to try this gameplay style.  This mode will save some information through the STEAM network and as a result players can continue playing after saving, but they can never revert back to a savegame after they die.  A thrilling experience for those who are strong enough!

“The 2.6 update is a special event for us because the development of the new Steam technology is a response to suggestions from our community,” said Bernd Lehahn, CEO of EGOSOFT.  “We read the “Squiddy” story about a “Dead is Dead” mode and liked it a lot. We thank our friends at Valve for allowing all existing customers to activate these features for free.”

EGOSOFT regularly updates game content, improves game quality and offers competitions.  Players can follow these updates and learn more about the vibrant community by reading the X-Universe newsletter at http://www.egosoft.com/community/xnews_en.php , checking out the latest EGOSOFT news  or viewing and participating in the EGOSOFT forums .

Interactive Gaming Software (IGS) manages North American distribution of X3: Terran Conflict which is available at major electronics retailers across Canada and the U.S.

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