Capcom Wants UK Fans to Hold Own Tournaments

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Are you interested in holding a local tournament? Do you live in the UK? Is the only thing stopping you a serious lack of signage, stationary, name badges and a handy brackets poster that would make any tournament feel like the finals from the end of the Karate Kid movie? Was that sentence too long? Are you still interested in holding a Super Street Fighter IV tournament despite this entire paragraph being a shambles? Then please, trudge through the rest of this crime against the written word.

You want to hold a tournament. Capcom want you to hold a tournament. That tournament could be in your school, your local pub, your youth centre, anywhere. Capcom want to help you to advertise that competition. Get in touch with the details and they’ll send you a kit and advertise the tournament in the community forums. Upon photographic proof they’ll recognise your champion with the title "Official Local Community Super Street Fighter IV Champion" and publish the results in the community.

For more information, email Karl Reader -

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