EVE Turns Seven

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CCP’s epic space MMO, EVE Online, has reached seven years. As such the company has put out a statement expounding their pride in their creation and players.

Today marks the 7th Anniversary of EVE Online. That’s a lot of years to grow as an MMO, but it can be directly attributed to our community:  the brave souls who’ve jumped in a spaceship to shoot eachother in the face. In fact, TenTonHammer.com awarded our pilots the Best MMO Community Award in 2009, which makes us beam as much as the other awards we received in this seventh year of EVE, including MMO of the Year from both PC Gamer and MMORPG.com.

EVE has been fortunate to grow subscribers continuously since launch and reached some pretty important milestones--allowing us to have a self-sustained in-game market and hold elections for the Council of Stellar Management (version 5.0 voting is underway!), which the New York Times called "a watershed in the evolution of online democracy". We’ve seen Alliance Tournaments (the A.T. VIII is this June) and Fanfests (next is March 2011). We’ve been to dozens of conventions and even graced a lecture or two. We’ve made a "few" videos along the way. And now, amazingly, EVE’s capsuleer population is now larger than the real life population of the entire country in which it was launched: Iceland.

The future of EVE is boundless with possibility. From the May 18th  EVE Online: Tyrannis expansion to the future with Incarna and Dust 514, and with dozens of features, events and fleet battles inbetween, there is little stopping EVE from growing into the most amazing sci fi gaming experience ever. After all, it is fueled by the imaginations and machinations of the world’s most powerful UI: our players.

So, as we rocket into EVE’s 8th successful year, we hope you continue to join us for the journey.

Congratulations CCP and keep up the great job!

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