Two More Transformers – Silverbolt and Brawl

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  • Autobot
  • Class: Scout
  • Chassis: Jet
  • Primary Weapon: Photon Burst Rifle
  • Abilities: Shockwave, Barrier

Description: SilverBolt is a Grim and brave warrior, who often worries more about his teammates then himself. He is courageous, can fly at break-neck speeds and truly believes in the Autobot cause.  He would die in defense of his friends if ever given the opportunity.



  • Decepticon
  • Class: Soldier
  • Chassis: Tank
  • Primary Weapon: Neutron Repeater
  • Abilities: Whirlwind, Dash

Description: Brawl is Megatron’s pet weapon of mass destruction.  He loves nothing more than ripping Autobots limb from limb.  He is obsessed with explosions and chaotic, unending combat.  He often times thrusts himself to the frontlines of battle at the risk of his own spark, not caring whether he lives or dies as long as he takes an Autobot with him. 

In : PC

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